Investoscope Screenshots

Track your investments. On your Mac.

Investoscope is a portfolio tracker for the individual investor, built exclusively for Mac OS X. With a compelling and intuitive one window user interface, Investoscope lets you monitor the performance of your investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities.


Keep an eye on your stocks of interest. Smart Watchlist are dynamically updated using rules defined by you.


Investoscope allows you to track any number of portfolios in any currency.

Automatic Quote Updates

Latest quotes as well as historical end-of-day quotes are automatically downloaded from free sources on the internet.


Investoscope supports most world markets, including those in the USA, South America, Europe and Australia.

Multiple Accounting Methods

Investoscope supports several accounting methods, including FIFO, LIFO, average and specific lot identification.


With a detailed transaction record in Investoscope, you immediately get several very useful reports, including: capital gains, income and performance reports.

Monitor the Performance of your Portfolios

Investoscopes's portfolio charts gives you an instant view of the performance of your portfolios over time.

Allocation Pie Charts

Investoscope's portfolio pie charts lets you see how your assets are allocated into sectors, market caps, asset classes and more.

News Feeds

Keep up-to-date with the latest news. You can attach any number of news feeds (RSS or Atom) to your stocks, funds and other instruments.

Import and Export

Import transactions from OFX or CSV files. Export your data in CSV format.

A Good Mac OS Citizen

Investoscope was built exclusively for Mac OS X and comes with notification center support, comprehensive Applescript support and more.